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Rhinology and Sinus

Rhinology and Sinus

Don’t let your nasal and sinus allergy and headaches affect your daily life!!!

We offer expert medical and surgical treatments for nasal and sinus disorders namely:

Functional endoscopic sinus surgeries: These are types of surgeries for various sinus conditions like sinus polyps, tumour etc done endoscopically without any scar

COSMETIC RHINOPLASTY for beautification of nose. We do a variety of rhinoplasties for beatification as well as functional aspect under the guidance of a team of ent and plastic surgeons.

Skull base surgeries

Cerebrospinal fluid leak surgeries: to repair defects of skull base which can led to leak of brain fluid through nose

Septoplasty for deviated nasal septum and breathing difficulty

Turbinoplasty/ Turbinectomy: to relieve nasal obstruction due to enlargement of turbinates

Surgery for nasal and sinus tumours

Endoscopic lacrimal surgery for epiphora, excessive tears. Blockage of tear ducts: It is usually done externally through an incision of the nose. But by endoscopic technique through nose. We can avoid the unsightly scar.

Endoscopic adenoid surgeries for children using the latest collation technique which is almost virtually bloodless and painless in the sense that the mass of tissue is melted away by the technique of plasma oblation by the collator,. We are one of the few centers offering collation surgeries