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Otology and Neurotology

Otology and Neurotology

Take care of your ears and hearing. Dont let hearing loss become a disability!

Hearing loss is of two types: Conductive hearing loss or Sensorineural hearing loss

1. Conductive hearing loss is due to conditions of the ear drum, ossicles, which are tiny bones in the middle ear and sensorineural , due to damage to the nerves .Routine medical treatments are given for various disease conditions. those not amenable to medicines are treated with surgeries

The following surgeries are done in our otology department

a. Tympanoplasty: is a surgery done to repair conductive hearing loss arising from damage to ear drum by a perforation or damage to the ossicles, or bones in the middle ear. We are routinely doing a lot of endoscopic tympanoplasties, which obviates the need of an external incision ,making it a scarless procedure

b. Ossiculoplasty: intricate surgery done to restore hearing through repair of the ossicles

c. Stapedectomy and stapedotomy: Done to restore hearing in case of otoscloerosis, a condition characterised by thickening of the stapes (one of the ossicles) footplate. Can be done as a scarless procedure

d. BAHA/ bone anchored hearing aid: kept for certain cases of sensorineural hearing loss

e. Mastoidectomies: Done to clear diseases in the mastoid part of the ear, which could lead to unsafe type of ear infections

f. Myringotomy and Grommet: Myringotomy is a procedure to make a small hole in the ear drum to flush out mucous fluid , which can impede hearing, especially in children. Grommet is a small tube , which aid in the extrusion of fluid . the tube also extrudes by itself gradually

g.facial nerve decompression: done in cases of facial nerve paresis or palsy due to certain condition


2. Sensorineural hearing loss is a condition affecting 60 % of the geriatric population. Even young people may get affected by sensorineural hearing loss.

In many cases medicines and surgeries are ineffective so hearing aids can be advised. We have a range of hearing aids to cater to our patients namely:




Completely in the canal hearing aids are advantageous in the fact that it is very small and not visible from outside

Intra tympanic chemical labynthectomy ; a very minor procedure by instilling injection in the ear in cases of intractable dizziness or vertigo

surgeries for chronic vertigo