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Head and Neck Surgeries

Head and Neck Surgeries

We at south shore perform a variety of procedures for the head, neck and throat region


Tongue surgeries

Salivary gland surgeries,

Head and neck cancer surgeries

Thyroid surgeries,

Laryngeal surgeries

SLEEP STUDY AND SLEEP AND SNORING SURGERIES: lack of sleep or improper sleep is one of the biggest causes of stress, thereby leading to tension, headache, blood pressure, heart diseases etc.

We offer comprehensive diagnosis of sleep and snoring problems by the way of SLEEP STUDY AND SLEEP ENDOSCOPY FOR EVALUATION OF SNORIN

the following sleep surgeries are performed here

  • Uvulopalatopharyngplasty
  • Expansion pharyngoplasty,
  • Zeta pharyngoplasty
  • Palatal impalants
  • Turbinoplasty

All theses are usually done by the help of the bloodless cobaltion machine

With the collaboration of our dental and orthodontic department we deal and offer solution for paediatric oral and nasal airway and snoring problems